The government plans to complete the techno city some time after 2030. The Konza Development Authority (KTDA) estimates Konza will bring in $1bn every year and create 100,000 jobs. There are critics, though, who are skeptical that techies will want to relocate away from Nairobi, already a buzzing technological hub.

Konza technological City

The government plans to complete the techno city just after 2030. This city once completed will bring in over a billion dollars and generate over 150,000 jobs

This city will be built over 5,000 acres of land



it is another large mixed use development of 150,000 people

A new mixed-use development for more than 150,000 residents, Tatu City was initiated by Rendeavour, "Africa's largest property developer." It's a 5,000 acre mixed-use development with schools, homes, sports facilities and green spaces.


making african cities great for Africa to stimulate growth and become a global destination for individuals, businesses, and tourists, data need to be collected and made available on research, benchmarking, and insights of African cities that allow them to measure themselves against various metrics like infrastructure development, talent, revenue-generating, population and thus begin to compete at the global scale with other smart cities.