The government plans to complete the techno city some time after 2030. The Konza Development Authority (KTDA) estimates Konza will bring in $1bn every year and create 100,000 jobs. There are critics, though, who are skeptical that techies will want to relocate away from Nairobi, already a buzzing technological hub.

Konza technological City

The government plans to complete the techno city just after 2030. This city once completed will bring in over a billion dollars and generate over 150,000 jobs

This city will be built over 5,000 acres of land



it is another large mixed use development of 150,000 people

A new mixed-use development for more than 150,000 residents, Tatu City was initiated by Rendeavour, "Africa's largest property developer." It's a 5,000 acre mixed-use development with schools, homes, sports facilities and green spaces.