Natural degradation hazards The major natural hazards in the region, environmental conditions which act as predisposing factors for land degradation, are: For water erosion: monsoonal rains of high intensity; steep slopes of the mountain and Read more…

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Telecom companies like AT&T, T-Mobile, BT, Euskaltel, and Telstra have signed some of the biggest corporate power purchase agreements (PPAs) to date. Telecommunications giant AT&T is ranked second in corporate PPAs and BT is only Read more…



Electricity Infrastructure We cover several markets in the area of clean electricity. Off-grid electricity markets: Autonomous systems Off-grid sites: domestic (Solar Home Systems, Lighting, etc.), communities (vllages, public buildings) and industry (pumping in agriculture, telecommunications Read more…



Agri Food Chain The number of people without access to electricity is estimated at more than a billion, while almost 2.9 billion still rely on traditional, unsustainable biomass sources such as firewood for cooking and Read more…



Bioenergy use falls into two main categories: “traditional” and “modern”. Traditional use refers to the combustion of biomass in such forms as wood, animal waste and traditional charcoal. Modern bioenergy technologies include liquid biofuels produced Read more…

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