The Largest Megacities by 2100

According to the report, human geography will look completely unfamiliar by the turn of the century.

Here is a list of the 20 largest megacities projected for 2100:

Rank Population (2100) City Country
#1 88.3 million Lagos Nigeria
#2 83.5 million Kinshasa DRC
#3 73.7 million Dar Es Salaam Tanzania
#4 67.2 million Mumbai India
#5 57.3 million Delhi India
#6 56.6 million Khartoum Sudan
#7 56.1 million Niamey Niger
#8 54.3 million Dhaka Bangladesh
#9 52.4 million Kolkata India
#10 50.3 million Kabul Afghanistan
#11 49.1 million Karachi Pakistan
#12 46.7 million Nairobi Kenya
#13 41.4 million Lilongwe Malawi
#14 40.9 million Blantyre City Malawi
#15 40.5 million Cairo Egypt
#16 40.1 million Kampala Uganda
#17 40.0 million Manila Philippines
#18 37.7 million Lusaka Zambia
#19 36.4 million Mogadishu Somalia
#20 35.8 million Addis Ababa Ethiopia

By the year 2100, it’s estimated that 13 of the world’s largest megacities will be located in Africa. Meanwhile, India will hold three of them – and there will be zero of them found in the Americas, China, or Europe.

Here’s a final look at the top three:

#1: Lagos, Nigeria
Nigeria’s largest city, Lagos, is expected to push the limits of how big a metropolis can get. Already, Lagos has seen explosive growth over the past few decades, and is growing so fast that no one really knows how many people live there. Over 2,000 people emigrate to the city every day, and current population estimates vary widely from 11 to 21 million inhabitants.

Either way, by the turn of the century, Lagos is projected to have a population north of 88 million.

#2: Kinshasa, DRC
Kinshasa, the capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo is projected to be the second largest city in the world with a population of 83 million.

#3: Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania
Dar Es Salaam, a city on the coast of Tanzania, has a population of just 4.4 million today. By 2100, its population is projected to jump by a whopping 1,588%, putting the total at 74 million inhabitants.

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